Brand-able Music Download Cards
Perfect for promoting your business, these credit card-size music gift cards can be customized with your company logo, a custom greeting, and original graphics.

DESIGN SHOWN: Original watercolour painting by Jeff Morrison

Brand-able Download Cards* are loaded with 1 or more songs which you choose from the list on the Order Form. and they are redeemed at  To redeem the card, the recipient simply visits the web address found on the back of the card, enters the code printed on the card, and downloads their selection/s easily and securely.

Mr. Morrison is an accomplished artist, and will work with you to create a card that suits your individual needs. You can choose from his award winning designs, or use your own artwork or photographs, and add logos or custom graphics.
*NOTE: There is a $50 charge for custom designed graphics. Logo placement is FREE.

Brand-able Download Cards* are $0.60 each + the price of each song loaded. Songs are $0.99 for the first selection, $0.49 for additional selections. *NOTE: minimum order 100 cards + $50 setup fee.

For more information or to order customizable Branded Music Gift Cards, click here:  ORDER FORM
Download Codes for email

A thoughtful and musical touch for your Holiday email campaign. Add a music download code to your emails!

Choose any song, or group of songs from the listing on the Order Form, and the recipient simply clicks on the link you've embedded in their email to download the selection easily and securely.

Download codes for e-mail are $0.99 each (one selection per code); add $0.49 for each additional selection applied to the code. There are volume discounts available for large orders.

You can add an image to your email if you like, choosing one of Mr. Morrison's  award winning designs, or a custom image that he will work with you to create. *NOTE: There is a $50 charge for custom designed graphics. Logo placement is FREE.

Your purchased codes and accompanying image (.jpg file), are sent to you via email. Simply copy and paste the download code, and image into your emails.

For more information, or to order Download Codes click here: ORDER FORM
 Charitable Support
Morrison Hawkes understand that many businesses and individuals like to support charities, and to that end have made arrangements to donate a total of twenty-five percent of their sales to one or more of the Charities listed below, OR the charity or organization of your choice.

When placing your order, simply choose one or more of the Charities listed on the Order Form, and twenty-five percent of your order will be directed to them. If you have another Charity you would like to support, select "Other" on the form, and arrangements will be made to do so.

The logo of your organization or charity can be placed on download cards, and copy can be placed on cards or in emails.

For more information on how Branded Download Cards and email Download Codes can help your organization or charity, contact