Our New Album is Here! 

We are very pleased to announce that our new Christmas album, "I Heard the Bells at Christmas" is available NOW for digital download. Check it out HERE!

It's a small thing... 

Actually, "it" is a very small thing. What is "it"?... Why it's our NEW FAVICON!
Yes indeed, we are so thrilled to introduce our new favourites icon which displays in the corner of your browser tab, and in your favourites menu.
Okay... So we're not actually "thrilled" about our favicon in the same way that we are thrilled about our new album, but it's a small thing.
A very small thing.

It's almost done... 

We are pleased to report that our upcomoing Christmas album "I Heard the Bells at Christmas", is ALMOST complete. Tim and I will be heading down to Sly-Fi Studio in Trenton this coming weekend to hear the final mixes, and then it gets mastered next week!
Stay tuned...

Into the studio... again 

We've begun recording our upcoming Christmas album. On Tuesday, June 12, we checked in at Sly-Fi Studio in Trenton, and had an amazingly productive day laying down bed tracks with Roger Travassos, and Drew Birston... Those boys can play!

new gig 

We're very excited about our recent adventures of playing live. We've spent long hours recording, editing, and mixing, and it's good to take the music directly to the peeps by playing live. Our next gig ( July 21/2011 ) is the Launch Party for "Slowcity" a new magazine focusing on the arts in Durham Region ( ON, Canada ). We hope to have lots more gigs in the near future... Stay tuned!

Sly-Fi Sessions 

we are so stoked about the recording session we had with Brent Bodrug last week at his Sly-Fi Chapel in Trenton. This new single is going to be great!